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Toolti-ti Presentation

TOOLTI is a web application that meets the needs in communication, sharing, research, collaboration and project management of your business. The richness of its functionality offers a complete solution to business needs and integrates seamlessly with your working environment.

Accessible through a web browser and compatible on PC, Mac and mobile devices. Avoid issues and constraints related to hardware, software, backup, security and upgrade. It allows the view of statistics for each user. Understand their process, help them to structure their work and maximize the workforce of each individual. Concentrate only on your business, we handle the rest.

Toolti-ti Essential

Toolti Essential Pack includes the main functions of Business Support Management. Toolti Essential offers the following modules:
1. Contact Management.
2. Project Management.
3. Task Management.
4. Online Agenda.

You can also complete the pack toolti essential with other modules to suit your needs and developments.


Toolti workflow offers a set of integrating features that enable you to increase the automated management process of your business. The modules included are:
1. Chat and messaging.
2. Wiki Content.
3. Accounting management tool.


Originally created at the specific client’s request, the web application toolti Archi is unique. It allows you to browse through a large volume of files and images using simple and intuitive search control commands. Avoid the hassle with paper work, file and shelves. Get more space and avoid these constraints by adopting an application that takes just minutes to integrate into your work environment and allows you to facilitate your research and optimize your management storage.


toolti Cms applications allow you to edit and manage content on your website with ease.
The complexity and number of information on your website can be managed using a simple and intuitive interface, without need for specific skills. With the wealth of features, you reduce your maintenance costs without compromising the graphic aspect and the content of your website.

  1. Demo
  2. Commander

Create, Find or Identify contact. Whether they’re individuals or entities, client, staff, competitors, service providers, suppliers, prospects and many other categories. Identify the projects on which these contacts are involved and the organization to which they belong to and if they are registered on your mailing lists. Create lists of contacts, convert them to a text format, Excel or mailing. Exploiting the mailing lists for your email campaigns.

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Manage all assigned tasks and monitor the whole project. Store and retrieve all information relating to project.

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Assign routine or specific tasks to members of your team, follow the progress by consulting the report or by notification. When tasks are completed, you receive an email notification. validate tasks when they are completed. Check the archives to view previous tasks.

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Online Agenda

Organize events from a single interface. Add events, send invitations and share schedules with your colleagues.

Chat & messageing

Chat, share and collaborate via a messaging system within the company or with customer. Interact between different members of your organization, whether they dipatched across several departments of spread geographically. Create an informal training, generate more ideas and innovation. Develop new channels of communication with your employees, partners and customers. Edit User Profile and identify groups of experts. Find more info on blogs, wikis and podcasts.

Wiki content

A platform powered, modified and updated by visitors to allow collaborative writing and illustration of digital documents it contains.

Accounting management

Automate the management of your business: invoicing system and order templates. Follow in real time your purchases and inventories.
Simplify the processing of accounting management system

Library content management

Edit in a single access point the documentary of your company, suppliers and partners. Find everything on the subject of your research. With a variety of libraries, categories and tags. Add, edit, delete as many document that you want, with unconstrained disc space or data weight.

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Have an easy and intuitive access to corporate resources and capitalize knowledge.

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Easy to use, it allows the creation of filein PDF formats. Also handle all types of PDF content, including forms and multimedia files.

Flip book

Ouvrez de nouveaux horizons à votre communication en intégrant dans vos catalogues interactifs, flip-books, e-magazines, e-catalogues des liens hypertextes, des animations flash, des vidéos, des images HD…Publiez vos catalogues interactifs sur le net ou tout type de support numérique, CDRom, clé USB...

Editorial Content

What you are composing is what you will get. As you work you can see in real time the result of your publishing content.

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Organisez et modifiez vos photos numériques et de créer des albums que vous pouvez partager avec vos collaborateurs, clients ou partenaires.

Email campaign

create, send and measure the impact of your e-mail campaigns without the intervention of a service provider. Determine the volume of your database, frequencies of transmission, the contact profile or group, type of campaign. Customize features and statistical tracking.

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Online ooking

Manage your online booking and availability through a powerful web application. Facilitate making reservations, optimize your fill rates, automate your repetitive tasks and retain your customers. The application Toolti meets the needs of tourist residences, hotels, corporate chain, rental residences and many others.

Custom module

Each integration is accompanied by a consultation and assistance service. The implementation will depend on your specific needs, your environment and your working method.

Purchase of database

Our agency looks for the best information and updates available on the internet (blog, web portal, online catalog, ...) and integrates them into your Web application.

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